Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day to Order....Friday, March 4th

Can you believe it is almost March already!

Just a reminder, the last day to order your "Super Man Was Adopted" T-shirt is this Friday, March 4th. 

I will place the orders on the 5th and hopefully have them back in less than two weeks.

Thanks to our AMAZING friends and family, 52 shirts have been sold already!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God is Good

Just a quick update.....the issue has been resolved!!  Thanks so much for all of your prayers. 

So now, our I-800 goes from the NBC to the NVC, then the NVC will send it to Thailand.  This should all happen by the end of next week and we will get the all clear to buy airline tickets and make our hotel reservations!!

Wow - it was only for a time span of 24 hours that I thought things were falling apart, and now I am back on the "this is really happening!!!!" train.  I like it here on the excited, things are moving forward, path.  Let's hope for no more detours!


100 phone calls later....

....and I have finally spoken to my USCIS caseworker.  She was very nice.  She laughed at me at said, "Girl, you must have called here over 100 times, you know we track these calls".  I said, I know and I was sorry, but I just needed to hear something, anything.  She told me not to worry, she was wokring on it, and she would get back to me soon, and don't call her she'll call me. 

Super Siri Shirt Update

Can I just say that we have the best friends and family out there.  I just checked the paypal account and we have sold 33 shirts already!!  Thank you all so much for your support!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out of My Control

Wow.  I got on here tonight to post about a setback and what do I find, but David's post.  That was really sweet of him to write, especially since I haven't been in the best spirits tonight.  Good thing he wrote that before I turned into a basket case.

Anyhow, there has been a small (at least I am trying really hard to convince myself it is small) setback with our paperwork. The short version of the story is that our home study needed to be updated to include Siri's special health concerns before I sent in the I-800, which I did two weeks ago, and we just realized the oversight today.  I have spoken with USCIS and will call them first thing in the morning.

For all of our prayer warriors out there, please pray.  Pray that this situation with USCIS can be resolved, and doesn't delay our travel.  As for me, I will do my best to live by one of my favorite verses, "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding". 

I'll update you all as soon as I hear anything.

The Most Amazing Anderson

I don't know how many will read this, but I just wish everyone knew how incredible my wife is. When you look at that timeline on the right side of this blog, all those documents and appointments were arranged and completed because of Danyel. This blog, the t-shirt fundraiser, travel arrangements..... she's does it all.....she's "Superwoman."

And one would think that a woman who holds a full-time job, is currently working on her doctorate, and is managing an international adoption would have little time for family, but somehow she ensures that everyone gets more than their fair share of "mommy-time." She's the most thoughtful, hardworking, and selfless person I know, and I not only count my blessings that I get to spend my life with her, but it gives me such a comfort and peace knowing how her influence will affect our children.

I can't wait to start this new chapter together with her!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Superman was adopted T-Shirt Fundraiser

**I have fixed the link so you can now order red**
Thanks to my very creative friend, Mary Leigh, we are going to do a T-shirt fundraiser to help with the last minute costs of the adoption. Mary Leigh has created a super cute shirt "Superman Was Adopted".  I loved it and purchased two for the boys before we had the idea of selling them ourselves. 

For each shirt sold, half of the procedes will go to the cost of making the shirt, and half will go to our adoption fund.  Should we happen to raise more money than we need, the rest will be donated to the Waiting Child program at Holt.

We will be taking orders for these shirts until March 5th - which just gives you two weeks to order.  This will give me time to order them from Mary Leigh and ship them to you (or hand deliver to you with my two little helpers) before we leave in April.  Since this is a fundraiser to bring Siri home, I won't place the order till March 11th.  So, if you order a shirt you can expect to receive it by the mid March at the latest.

The cost of the shirts are $19.95.  The adult Double XL and Triple XL are a bit more, becuase they cost more to make.  There is no tax or shipping.

The shirt is available in Royal Blue, Red, Black, or a Pink.

There are two various shades of pink based on the size. Infant and Toddler shirts come in Raspberry (the darker pink) and Youth and Adult come in Heliconia (lighter pink). That is why you see two pink shirts in the samples. The shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton in a regular t-shirt cut.

To place your order, check the right hand side of the blog.  If you are not a fan of the T-shirt, but would still like to help out, you can simply donate by clicking on the "Donate" tab.  And, if you are strapped for cash right now, the most important request is for prayer support.  Please pray for Siri that her transition into our family is smooth.  Also, please pray for the foster family as they are losing a member that has been a part of their family for 18 months.

E-mail David or I if you have any questions.

Counting Down the Days....

I love, love, love looking at the counter at the top of our blog.  Today it says two months and four days till we travel to Thailand! 

We have been working out the travel details, which is exciting. We have contacted a travel agency for tickets, though we can't buy them till we get notice that the appropriate paperwork has been received at the Thai embassy. Hopefully this won't be too much longer.

When we travel we will be staying at the PanTip Court.  It looks nice and it is near a park and the train station, so that should make getting around a bit easier.

A friend of mine just brought to my attention that we will be meeting Siri on Easter.  What a great day to meet our daughter for the first time!  But, I also felt some sadness at missing Easter with the boys.  Then another great friend suggested that the Easter Bunny visit the Anderson family one week early this year.  I thought that was a fabulous idea!  Then our family will still take them to church on Easter Sunday.

In order to help with the cost, we will be having a T-shirt fundraiser.  Details to come soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One of the fun aspects of waiting is that once a month we get to send a package to Siri.  I didn't take a picture of the first one.  In that package we sent a photo book with all of our pictures so she can start becoming familiar with our faces.  In the second one we did a Record a Story: Guess How Much I Miss You that I picked up at Sam's.  It was the perfect story to send to Siri.  The boys did a few pages and they did a great job. With the help of some online friends, I translated the words into Thai so her foster family can read the book to her. It was fun.

Dale also wrote her a letter for that package.  It says "Dear Siri.  I miss you.  Can you come over.  I love you.  Your brother Dale". 

We can only send one zip lock bag.  Sometimes we really have to stretch the bag to get it all to fit.  This month we are sending some valentines cards the kids drew, candy, clothes, a stuffed animal and my favorite, a copy of Goodnight Moon that a friend translated into Thai.  The letters are amazing and her penmanship is so beautiful!

Only three more packages to send then we will be delivering the last one in person!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First Blog Post

This blog was created to follow the journey of our adoption process.

I'll try to sum up the last few years in a nutshell.  David and I have always felt a calling to adopt. We especially felt called to adopt a special needs child. After much prayer and some wonderful support of another friend going through the adoption process, we applied to Holt in September of 2009.

Initially we set out to apply to the Nepal program. Back in 2004 David and I were planning on travelling to Nepal with the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, the American Center was bombed on September 11th, which caused the Peace Corps to pull out of Nepal. (We were then placed in Honduras and left in January of 2005.) Anyhow, this experience left a place for Nepal in our hearts, however, once again, we were not destined to actually travel to Nepal. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Holt agency closed the Nepal program in 2010.

So, in March of 2010 we officially switched to the Thailand program. This meant redoing our home study and dossier, which took two additional months.  By May we had everything done on our part, and in September we received a referral of a beautiful little girl, Sirithorn. We decided to keep her given name but shorten it to Siri. We are scheduled to travel to Thailand in April of this year.

Here is the first photo we saw of Siri. It is amazing how much love you can feel for a child after seeing only one photograph!