Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Say Cheese...

Siri loves to read.  She will read to anything that sits still long enough, and baby dolls are perfect for that.  The funny thing is that when she is "reading" she says nonsense words.  The favorite right now is 'nee nee noo'.  Wonder if it is some Thai coming back to her.

Siri's First Snow

I wasn't sure if Siri would get the chance to experience snow this winter.  And then, when it did finally snow, we almost missed it.  We had a late night and did not get a chance to play in the snow when it first fell.  No problem right, there's always tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow turned out to be 60 degrees and our snow quickly melted.  Luckily, we have a shaded spot in the backyard that hung onto the snow long enough for us to have some fun.

The boys had a blast making snowballs and "snow cones".  Siri wasn't quite sure what to think of this white stuff her brothers were eating.

Then the snow ball fight started....