Friday, April 26, 2013

Siri loves to play dressup

The other day the boys came to wake us announcing that Siri had colored on her face with brown marker.  Coming in slowly behind them was Siri, sad to be outed, but in her defense it was lipstick, not marker.

This girl loves to play dress up and can run in plastic heels like nobody's business.

: ) Danyel

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday J Pistol!

Five years ago today Jack Paul brightened our life at 9:43 am.

Jack, you have always made us smile!  You are such a happy kiddo.
Jack's 1st Bday

Jack's 2nd Bday

Jack's 3rd Bday

Jack's 4th Bday

Jack's 5th Bday

 I love that God has blessed you with such a great sense of humor. Like the fact that you came up with your own nickname... J Pistol.  And such a caring heart.  You give the best hugs.

You crack me up how when you are describing a toy you would like to have, it is always something really creative that you have totally made up.  I know Santa loves getting your list!

Happy birthday sweet baby boy!  We love you!

Monday, June 4, 2012

April/May Photo Update

The last couple of months have been busy ones here is Anderson land.  We celebrated Siri's one-year gottcha day.  Part of me can't believe that she has already been home over a year....but she feels like she has always been a part of the family.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures but I did take a video.

Dale had his first ride on a school bus with a field trip to the zoo.....

Dale was very excited for kindergarten screening.....
I really have to wait the entire summer before I start Kindergarten?!?
and preschool graduation....

Dale Graduates Tiger Cubs
So proud of my big brother!
Thanks for everything Ms. Victoria!

Nana Wanda and Papa Paul

Gandma Goldia and Bob
Nana Jackie and Papa Dave

One proud Daddy!
 Jack got his tonsils out and recovered quickly...

There's no way I'm letting this I.V. get in the way of my angry birds.

Thanks to my friends for my Get Well Soon card!
David was so sweet and let me have a girl's weekend to Hermann, MO, with my Mom, Sister and Aunt Francine.

While I was gone David took the boys to a Monster Truck show.  They loved it an can now tell you all the names of all the trucks.

 Dale took these awesome action shots with the camera he got from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Kobi last Christmas.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Dale had a great Mother's Day weekend too.  He learned to tie his shoes and ride his bike without training wheels!

Preschool ended.  We will miss our teachers over the summer.  They are the best!

Dale and Jack were sad to see soccer come to an end.  We had a great season with the Lemmings, thanks to Coach Billy and Coach David.

But they were excited to have T-Ball Start.  Let's go Sharks!

Our Two Little Baseball Players
Batter Up.  Jack get a good hit.
Daddy congratulates Jack on a nice catch.

Dale gets a good hit.
We spent Memorial Day at Table Rock Lake with Mom and Dad.

David spent most his time on the inflatable hot dog Dad pulled behind the boat.  The kids loved it.

Dale and Natalia tried a few times to go solo, but they were too light and ended up in the water every time.
Yes!  We did it!!
That didn't last long.  
   Siri fell in love with Pringles.  She nearly polished off an entire can.

Then, when her belly was full, she napped the rest of the boat ride.

After that we headed to Chicago.  Siri had a Doctor's appointment and the boys spent the day at the zoo.
Do you see the bear?  I don't see the bear.
Oh, there's the bear.

But the best part of the trip was we were able to go to the Thai Consulate and register Siri's adoption!!  

The only one where the kids are looking and David has his eyes shut.  : )

Love, The Anderson Family