Friday, November 4, 2011

Sawasdee cap

They said in our adoption classes it was important to keep some Thai traditions. Jacks takes it to a new level as we practice our traditional Thai Wai greeting of Sawasdee Cap. 
Love how Siri even busts out a "Stop Jack!"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dale turns 5....

This has been a fun few weeks for the Anderson family.  Since Dale's birthday and Siri's birthday fall so close together (and both in the middle of the week) we celebrated Dale's 5th birthday a little early.  We had our family party at P3: Paint, Party, Play pottery studio.  The kids had fun painting their pieces and I can't wait to see the finished products.

The birthday boy got to make a plate with his handprint in the middle.
All of the guests got to put a thumb print on the plate.

The boys painted wolf man mugs and the girls painted ice-cream cone jewelry boxes.

We sang a little karaoke, ate cake and ice cream, and had fun watching Dale open his presents.
This is the first party we have had outside of the house, and it was nice.  The kids had fun, and we left the mess there.  This is also the first time I ordered a cake instead of making one.  It tasted great, and no-one got ill from too much food coloring.  All in all a great day for a very special little boy.
Thank you to all of our family that helped to make Dale's birthday so wonderful!
On a side note, basketball season has began.  This year we are playing at The Courts, and we are probably the youngest, smallest team in our division.  But the boys have worked hard, and we have actually made a couple of basket this year, unlike last season which ended without a successful basket (and this includes practice).  Dale has even managed to make a couple of baskets during practice, which is huge for him.  Last year he couldn't even hit the rim with the ball. 
The Sharks may not score the most points, but they work hard and have fun....

...and they have the best cheering section!